Citing PowerPoint in MLA Format

Both the print and online versions of the MLA Handbook are silent on the issue of how to cite PowerPoint presentations, a question that several of you asked about today.

In the absence of other information, cite it as you would a lecture or class notes (MLA Handbook 5.7.11



In a citation of an oral presentation, give the speaker’s name; the title of the presentation (if known), in quotation marks; the meeting and the sponsoring organization (if applicable); the location; and the date. Use an appropriate descriptive label (Address, Lecture, Keynote speech, Reading), neither italicized nor enclosed in quotation marks, to indicate the form of delivery.

Alter, Robert, and Marilynne Robinson. “The Psalms: A Reading and Conversation.” 92nd Street Y, New York. 17 Dec. 2007. Reading.

Matuozzi, Robert. “Archive Trauma.” Archive Trouble. MLA Annual Convention. Hyatt Regency, Chicago. 29 Dec. 2007. Address.


Your citation for  a class PowerPoint would look like this in your Works Cited:

Campbell, Donna. “Romantic and Byronic Heroes.” English 372: 19th-Century British and American Global Literature. Washington State University. 16 September 2014. PowerPoint.

For in-text citation, use either the last name, or, if you’re using two PowerPoints, the last name and a short title.

The Romantic hero “XXXXX” (Campbell).


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