Laptop Day: Cultural Contexts

Laptop Day: Cultural Contexts

We’ll discuss the readings for tomorrow but will spend at least 35 minutes on the Laptop Day cultural contexts exercise.  Some links will be provided, but you’re encouraged to find your own. Here’s a sample of the topics your group can choose from:

Here is the Finding Historical Sources webpage and links:

  • Native Americans
  • Immigration
  • Imperialism
  • African Americans
  • Political campaigns
  • Wealth
  • Asian Americans
  • Food
  • Irish and/or Catholics
  • Cakewalk and minstrel shows (discussed briefly in class)
  • Aetheticism
  • Oscar Wilde
  • Mark Twain
  • Women’s rights (woman suffrage), women in the workplace, etc.
  • Civil War
  • Technology: what new technologies were causing excitement (like the telephone)?
  • Amusements: sports, jokes, leisure-time activities
  • Advertisements: what were popular “must-have” products that we no longer have (or that we do have)?
  • Popular music: what kinds of music were popular? What was the subject matter?
  • Education
  • Housekeeping and child care
  • Shopping and fashion
  • Medicine: what were the breakthroughs in medical treatments?
  • New advances in scientific knowledge
  • Industrialism or the rise of corporations
  • Popular books that everyone was reading (like George du Maurier’s Trilby in 1895)Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 10.55.24 AM
  • These Images are from Punch and Harper’s Weekly, two of the periodicals you might choose to look at tomorrow.

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