Optional reading: Some links to news about The Picture of Dorian Gray

doriangrayWe won’t be reading Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray until next month, but here are some recent news stories about the book:

From Huffington Post:


Publication of The Picture of Dorian Gray scandalized Victorian England, and was even used as a evidence against the author on his famous 1895 trial. The book has been called immoral, unclean, effeminate and contaminating by the critics at the time.

“Why has the book received such negative reception?” I asked Merlin Holland, Oscar Wilde’s only grandson, and the executor of his estate.

“It was a very shocking reception,” Holland says. “A year later Oscar decided that he was going to add an extra six chapters. He divided one of them into two, and he added extra chapters when it was turned into a book. It was first published in an American magazine which was sold both in America and in England, and that version was much shorter than the final version which was published in 1891. Oscar had these extra chapters, and significantly he took them out, he suppressed certain things from the book which should’ve been in a magazine, and they were the overtly homoerotic passages.

A play adapted from The Picture of Dorian Gray, starring Wilde’s grandson, Merlin
Holland (picture is from the play adaptation):




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