Midterm grades

Midterm grades have been submitted.  Ignore Blackboard, which is just adding everything up at this point.

The midterm grade you’ll see is calculated this way:

(Exam 1 Grade + Paper 1 Grade)/2 = midterm grade

In other words, the midterm grade listed is average of your Exam 1 grade and Paper 1 grade, without the weighting process.

The quizzes, blog posts, class participation, and other grades weren’t calculated because the midterm grade is not a binding grade. It is meant to advise you about an approximate grade rather than to give you a definitive calculation of your grade to this point.

Here are the weights for class grades (from the syllabus):

Exams (2 x 10% each) 20 percent
Short papers (2 at 15% each) 30 percent
Report or Group weblog 10 percent
Longer Paper or Project (20%) plus paper presentation (5%) 25 percent
Quizzes, class participation, informal group presentations, and in-class writings 15 percent

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