Laptop Day, Paper 1, Blogs, and Quizzes

  1. Bring your laptops, tablets, phones, etc., to class tomorrow if you have one. (If you don’t, and if no one in your group has one, you can use the classroom computer to set up your blog.)  You’ll be using them to set up your group weblog.  You can scroll through the assignment on weblogs and look at the blogs from last fall for inspiration.
  2. If you can get sign up for a free account on WordPress, that will be helpful.  You can use your Gmail account for Blogger.
  3. The Paper 1 assignment handed out in class yesterday is also online, with clickable links. Go to Assignments in the menu bar (above) and click on Paper 1 if you were absent.
  4. We will probably be having a quiz soon.  Quizzes usually have a bonus question that asks you to look at your book to answer it. Bring your own copy of the course pack because you won’t be able to borrow one for the quiz. As mentioned in the syllabus, the books in this course are not optional, and bringing the book to class is an important part of your participation grade.

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