Reports and Papers 3 & 4

The report schedule is under Reports and also here:  If you talked to me about doing a report but don’t see your name,  EMAIL ME at

Also, if you’re listed as presenting on an Open Topic, email me with the topic you’ve chosen or stop by to discuss possible topics with me.

I’ll be handing out Paper 3 topics on Thursday and Paper 4 topics next Tuesday, but if you would like to see them earlier, the assignments themselves are already online, cleverly hidden under the  Assignments tab.  One thing to keep in mind: Paper 4 can be a collaborative project, or you also have the option to extend and revise one of your previous papers as part of Paper 4.

Next week; midterm grades; Blog Post Points

Next Tuesday we’ll finish the presentations on 19th-century cultural contexts.

Midterm exams were handed back last Tuesday, and the exam grades are posted in Angel.  The WSU midterm grades turned in on Wednesday were those that are posted as your current average in Angel.

Some of you have had questions about your blog post points.  You can check for the points by going to  Important: Pay attention to the instructions at the bottom.  If you see a 0 for either the post or the response, and you know that your group posted by the deadline, email me the link so that I can correct the record.

Paper 2 due; Laptop Day

unclesamdinnerPaper 2 is due tomorrow either in class (paper version) or via Angel by 9 p.m.

We’ll discuss the readings for tomorrow but will spend at least 35 minutes on the Laptop Day cultural contexts exercise.  Some links will be provided, but you’re encouraged to find your own. Here’s a sample of the topics your group can choose from:

Here is the Finding Historical Sources webpage and links:

  • Native Americans
  • Immigration
  • Imperialism
  • African Americans
  • Political campaigns
  • Wealth
  • Asian Americans
  • Food
  • Irish and/or Catholics
  • Cakewalk and minstrel shows (discussed briefly in class)
  • Aetheticism
  • Oscar Wilde
  • Mark Twain
  • Women’s rights (woman suffrage), women in the workplace, etc.
  • Civil War
  • Technology: what new technologies were causing excitement (like the telephone)?
  • Amusements: sports, jokes, leisure-time activities
  • Advertisements: what were popular “must-have” products that we no longer have (or that we do have)?
  • Popular music: what kinds of music were popular? What was the subject matter?
  • Education
  • Housekeeping and child care
  • Shopping and fashion
  • Medicine: what were the breakthroughs in medical treatments?
  • New advances in scientific knowledge
  • Industrialism or the rise of corporations
  • Popular books that everyone was reading (like George du Maurier’s Trilby in 1895)Screen Shot 2014-10-15 at 10.55.24 AM
  • These Images are from Punch and Harper’s Weekly, two of the periodicals you might choose to look at tomorrow.

Blogs, MLA Bibliography, laptop day exercise, and various

BritishLitfortheWin has a new blog address:   If you tried to comment on their blog before and couldn’t (because it was on Tumblr), you can comment now because it’s on Blogger instead.

Here is a link to the MLA Bibliography. I’ll put a link in the sidebar, too.

There are also links available here:

WSU Library Page for English and American Lit:

My page (at the bottom):

On Tuesday, bring the laptop day worksheets on citing sources to class.  I’ll be asking you the results of your findings, and we’ll go over the MLA Bibliography.

Also, thanks to all of you who uploaded papers to Angel and followed the filename conventions we talked about in class and looked at on the handout. You can see the full online version at

You’ll submit your paper to Angel,, in the Dropbox for that assignment.

leaf smallDocument Format. If you are uploading your paper to Angel, you need to save the paper using Word format (.doc or .docx,) rich text format (.rtf),or .pdf format. The first two are commonly available under the “Save As” function of all word-processing programs. Papers using any other format cannot be read and will not receive credit.

leaf smallFilename Conventions. All submitted assignment files should follow the naming format as follows: last name, first initial, course number, assignment name. For example, if Joan Smith in English 368 submitted her first paper, it would be saved as SmithJ_368_Paper1.doc.

PLEASE don’t upload your paper under the filename “Paper 1″ or some variation of that. If you think about what it would be like to receive and save 40 files all called “Paper 1,” you’ll see the logic of the filename conventions for the class. Your paper will lose1 point if you don’t follow the filename conventions.

Comments on blogs

I commented (or tried to comment) briefly on each blog yesterday and very much enjoyed reading all your posts and comments.  If you don’t see a comment either (1) you don’t have comments enabled on your blog or (2) you have comment moderation enabled, which means that you have to approve the comment before it’s posted.