1. Name
2. Year and Major
3. Email address
4. What are you hoping to learn in this course, or what is your personal goal (beyond satisfying a requirement)?

5. Answer one of the following questions:

A. If you could be a character in your favorite book or movie, what character would you be, and why? What would you do or say differently from the character as he or she exists?

B. What is your favorite book, or what book has influenced you the most? Why?

C. If you could travel back in time and meet an author or historical figure, who would it be and why? What one question would you want to ask him or her?

Welcome to English 372!

Welcome to English 372!  All announcements will be posted to this page, so if you want to follow it by email or on Twitter, you can get the class announcements automatically.

Here are the books you’ll need for the class.

Required Textbooks. Books can be purchased at the Bookie and at Crimson and Gray. They are inexpensive editions; the whole list can be purchased new for under $35.

Wilde, Oscar The Picture of Dorian Gray Dover 1993 978-0486278070
Chopin, Kate The Awakening and Selected Short Stories Simon & Schuster 2004 978-0743487672
Dickens, Charles Hard Times Oxford World 2008 978-0199536276
Shelley, Mary Frankenstein (1818 edition) Oxford 2009 978-0199537150
Twain, Mark Pudd’nhead Wilson Dover 1999 978-0486408859
Negri, Paul, ed. Great American Short Stories Dover 2002 978-0486421193
Course pack Available now at Cougar Copies in the CUB. You will need to bring a printed copy to class.